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Melissa or lemon balm has a long tradition of use as a medicinal plant. It was already praised in the late Middle Ages as a cure for heart problems. Melissa officinalis L. usage includes treatment of several diseases in different ethno-medical systems, such as the European Traditional Medicine and the Iranian Traditional Medicine.

Today, the main indications evolve around (nervous) sleep disorders. The essential oils of lemon balm are said to have a calming effect that serves relaxation. The WHO and several other international studies emphasize the antimicrobial and calming effects of melissa.

As a herbal aid for sleep, lemon balm helps to calm down and promotes natural sleep.

Melissa officinalis L. has been shown as an anti-stress and anxiolytic agent. The Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism published findings which indicate that chronic administration of Melissa officinalis L. relieves stress-related effects.






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