What are the main reasons for bad sleep?

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What are the main reasons for bad sleep?

*Work-related stress and stress in the family are the main causes for bad sleep quality amongst healthy adults.


*Female sleep problems mostly track to stress in everyday life (41%) and occupational stress (37%). 56% of men sleep badly due to job stress, followed by environmental factors (29%).

Source: Lightspeed Research / Contract Work for Snoooze Austria, November 2017


*Prolonged use of electronic devices (e.g., laptop, smartphone) in the evening or in bed can make it difficult to fall asleep. High room temperatures in the bedroom and stale air are just as detrimental. Shift-work can also lead to sleep deficit.


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*A recent US study of 10-14 year old children showed that the mere presence of smartphones or TVs in the bedroom is associated with a shorter sleep duration (up to 21 minutes shorter per night)

Source: Falbe et al 2015. Falbe J, Davison KK, Franckle RL, Ganter C, Gortmaker SL, Smith L, Country T, Taveras EM (2015): Sleep duration, restfulness, and screens in the sleep environment. Pediatrics 135: e367-75.



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