Who invented Snoooze®?

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Who invented Snoooze®?

Hans Vriens (52), came up with this idea. Hans is a functional food expert. Born in the Netherlands but living in the Austria Salzkammergut, Hans has scored some spectacular product-innovations during his career so far. His innovations consistently beat conventional market-wisdom on their way to success. Examples include skin-friendly chocolate, a skin-care drink or the drink that gives wings internationally. Hans worked with Red Bull, Mars Inc., Procter & Gamble, Barry Callebaut, Nestle, Kraft, Mondelez, Hershey’s, Tchibo, Danone and many others. After 30-years of functional foods and innovation experience, Hans knows what he’s talking about when he says: 

“The theme of a ‘Longer & Healthier Life’ has always revolved around two aspects: diet and exercise. But neither works very well without enough sleep.”

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