Who needs Snoooze®?

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Who needs Snoooze®?

Snoooze is for healthy adults (>18 years of age), who have trouble falling sleeping or staying asleep during the night because of work-related or family stress. Most healthy American adults experience this type of stress during the work week and therefore sleep less than they should. Many adults with such sleep deficit are often unaware that their lack of sleep leads to lower memory capacity, decreased mental performance, and lower immune-strength. To recognize that you are experiencing stress-related lack of sleep.


Do your recognize of these symptoms?

* Morning tiredness

* You need an alarm clock to get up in time

* you fall asleep, immediately after dinner (in front of the TV)

Sounds familiar? Try sleeping for 8 hours during the next few days. You’ll notice a remarkable improvement.

Test Snoooze® for free


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