Why is sleep essential?

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Why is sleep essential?

*Sleep is undoubtedly essential for us to live happy & healthy. Our body regenerates during sleep, and much more so than during mere physical inactivity. The cells refuel their energy stores and rebuild. At the same time, free radicals, are rendered harmless during sleep and damaged cell components are repaired. Other essential functions of sleep include the consolidation of memory and the processing of the day’s experiences. Deep sleep and so-called REM sleep are essential for these functions. Missing out on enough sleep leads to sleep deficit and can have sever effects on our health.


*Therefore, sleep should be a priority in our lives if you want to perform better, and stay healthier…



Simpson NS, Gibbs EL, Matheson GO (2017): Optimizing sleep to maximize performance: implications and recommendations for elite athletes. Scand J Med Sci Sports 27: 266-274.


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